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do not want furry anthro

Oh damn, seems I've caught the Touhou addiction, though it can't be helped as it's such a friggen awesome series. Sure, the games may be eye rapingly complex, especially if you're the masochist type and go for Lunatic mode. Did I also mention it has one of the most awesome soundtracks ever?

Anyway, that's my current addiction at the moment that's been keeping me from doing anything 'worthwhile'... I really need to do some more drawing sometime...
Also, I've had the urge to have a go at 'trying' to make an RPG, but you know, lazyness and all that... At some point I'll try and focus my short attention span on some ideas for it, key word being 'try'.

If you're not even aware of Touhou and have never heard of it before... Youtube/google it now..



Touhou related music video. <3



This is a part from "the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil" one of the Danmaku Touhou shooting games. This happens to be the extra stage boss, and yes, she happens to be a lot harder than usual bosses but there you go.. XD



Well that's it for now, I think..


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That song on the gameplay video... I've heard it before... remixed. xD

Also, this game looks fun. Too much fun.

Yeah, I first heard the song remixed in the Mcroll'd videos on youtube.. Lol

It's a lot fun.. Just takes a lot of play throughs to actually finish since they're pretty difficult... XD

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