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Update! .... again.
do not want furry anthro

So I'm back here again to say that I am in fact still around. Also glad to announce that my Birthday is very close, on the 7th. So only 5 days to go now, and I still have no plans for my 18th... ._.

In other news my Xbox 360 recently died (again) from the Red ring of death. Still not sent it off for repair yet, but I did sell all my Xbox 360 games and bought a 80Gb Ps3.. >.> I must say I didn't think much of the PS3 till recently, and It's a pretty damn nice console. Only downside I would say is the Online features aren't as great as the Xbox 360 (in my opinion), but hey no monthly/yearly fees for the online features so that's a plus.
If anyone wants to add me on Playstation network then I'd be happy to accept since I hardly have anyone on my friends list anyway.. XD
- My playstation network ID is: Xervius

Also got a place now on a University course starting in September. It'll last 3 years, and it's in the field of Photography which is one of my 'better' interests which I don't fail entirely at, so that's promising. =D

Well, not much else to say apart from that... I shall try and update this more reguarly.

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that is the sadness :( my 18th birthday is coming up soon to i feel ya bro.

Heh, I'm used to it, wasn't that bad of a birthday really.. Just could have been more fun.. :P

Anyway, hope you have a great 18th. :)

thanks bro, i appreciate the hope.

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