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Update! .... again.
do not want furry anthro

So I'm back here again to say that I am in fact still around. Also glad to announce that my Birthday is very close, on the 7th. So only 5 days to go now, and I still have no plans for my 18th... ._.

In other news my Xbox 360 recently died (again) from the Red ring of death. Still not sent it off for repair yet, but I did sell all my Xbox 360 games and bought a 80Gb Ps3.. >.> I must say I didn't think much of the PS3 till recently, and It's a pretty damn nice console. Only downside I would say is the Online features aren't as great as the Xbox 360 (in my opinion), but hey no monthly/yearly fees for the online features so that's a plus.
If anyone wants to add me on Playstation network then I'd be happy to accept since I hardly have anyone on my friends list anyway.. XD
- My playstation network ID is: Xervius

Also got a place now on a University course starting in September. It'll last 3 years, and it's in the field of Photography which is one of my 'better' interests which I don't fail entirely at, so that's promising. =D

Well, not much else to say apart from that... I shall try and update this more reguarly.

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You're alive! :O

How's life? Apart from your xbox crapping out on you...

Yep. :P

Things are going quite well, apart from usual lazyness that is. Starting a uni course in photography around November time, which should be good. Not much other interesting things going on really, unless you count usual internet drama and such.

How are things with you?

I'm doin' good... Trying to enjoy summer before I have to go back to highschool D:

But, hey, grats on the photography course! Sounds like fun! I have a friend in London, she's studying photography, actually...

And what is this internet drama you speak of? The internet is a joyous place full of unicorns and rainbows and magical little bunnies!

that is the sadness :( my 18th birthday is coming up soon to i feel ya bro.

Heh, I'm used to it, wasn't that bad of a birthday really.. Just could have been more fun.. :P

Anyway, hope you have a great 18th. :)

thanks bro, i appreciate the hope.

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