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do not want furry anthro

Bleh, I'm feeling so lazy lately. >.>
Not much motivation to do much apart from play video games and stare into space... Lol

So yeah... Things are quite slow and boring recently, not much going on apart from college work and such.
Also, I've been a little torn lately between telling people about the whole furry business and just keeping it a secret. I guess I'll come to a decision about it sooner or later... It is just the fact I don't have a clue how some may react. :P

It's the same thing about me being Bisexual. Only 1 friend IRL actually knows, he's also the one who knows about the furry side too. I may have to ask him for some help when I tell others.

Anyway, that's all for now. :)


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Hrm... I don't have a reference yet, but I'll get on that! >:D

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