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First entry... :)
do not want furry anthro

So... Were do I start...


Well as you can probably guess I am new here, just joined a few minutes ago in fact. I've always liked the thought of networking with people, so I finally did just that.

I'll explain a bit about myself:

I'm a 17 year old guy who lives in the UK. I currently attend an Art college (because in the UK, we leave school at 16/17 and can work or go to college till we're about 17/18). I'm very close to finishing my current course at the college now, which is Media arts. This is a bit of a range of things including photography, animation, graphic design, and film making. I'm currently on my last unit which should be finishing in a couple of weeks.

After I have finished, I plan on going onto further education as there is an extended part of the current college I go to which teaches courses which are at a University level. This for me is pretty good, I'm not really the kind of guy who would fit into university, I prefer less busy places with less people.

Anyway, apart from the educational side, I have started to do some drawings in the anthropomorphic style. At the moment, these have actually been done in MS Paint. Now, I know there's a lot of opinions that MS Paint is 'crap', but that is far from the truth. :) I truly believe that 90% of the time it is the artists own ability that makes the greatest of work, not the program or tools they used to make it. Here's a little taster of what I have done so far:

At the moment, I've been having some troubles. For instance, my sleep patterns have been pretty off for the last several months. I usually wake up at 12pm and get to sleep at 5am. :\ I've been seeing a councilor for a few months now too and he has been trying to give me ideas of ways to get out of this, but truthfully I think I have an internet addiction.

One of my main reasons for joining LiveJournal was to try and find some new friends and people to talk to. I'm quite a shy person, especially around new people I don't know so that's sometimes a problem for me. Few of my friends I made on an old Deviantart account, and some other places have grown apart. Some I havn't spoken to in months now, a few of these were fans of a internet cartoon called "Happy Tree Friends". I sort of got dragged into this 'fandom', met some nice people in it too, some I am still good friends with now. But over the last few months some have stopped talking to me, mainly due to the fact that I left that fandom. 

Another thing is I have had a run in with a group of trolls on the website Deviantart. Strangely enough I've become aquanted with one of them, some reason he doesn't actually know I'm a furry. I'm not totally sure what his views on furries is, but I'm not sure I want to ask. People I used to be quite good friends with have either blocked me or completely ignored me simply because I talk with this guy. I could easily block him if I wanted to, but I just don't feel I want to. It's quite a predicament as you can tell. :P

I'll stop here anyway. :3

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Well, welcome to the furry community on livejournal! Good to see another raccoon around! :D

So I assume you're into graphics designs and such things, based on your description of courses at college! I'm taking a graphics course at my high school, and it's pretty fun. Heh, if you got any pointers or tips for me about MS paint that'd be awesome, as my coreldraw x4 trial is coming to an end soon x-x

Anyways, just poppin' in to give a big furry welcome to you- the people here are really nice, so no worries on being shy for much longer! :D

Haha, thank you. :)

Well, I'm kinda stuck really about what I will do after this current media course. XD
I was actually planning on doing animation, though I'm not sure if I have the concentration for that. There's also photography as well, but that's more like a hobby really. Well, I'd be happy to help you on MS paint, I guess a good thing to do is make the size of the canvas pretty large, this way the usual drawn lines won't be so pixelated. Also, are you using a graphics tablet or a mouse? because I use a tablet for MS paint.

Thanks again for the welcome. X3

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