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Still alive.
do not want furry anthro
Yep, still ticking... almost. Been pretty busy with things and completely forgot about LJ. >.>;
Let's see, I've been doing a lot of work on my final college project, which by my idiot mistake, forgot about the deadline... Luckily, I got it in next day and finally I have ended with college for good.

I had my exhibition for my work a couple of days ago, here is me standing by my part of the exhibition:

And here is my exhibition on it's own:

Now starts summer break... Which I will probably spend looking for work since I am pretty darn broke. Also applied for a place on a commercial photography degree course, hopefully all will go well in my interview.
Well that's pretty much all my goings on at the moment... Pretty lazy and stuff so hopefully that will change so I can do something productive over summer...




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Long time no see? xD

School's been consuming my life as well, so I can't blame you for forgetting about LJ.

But it looks like all that hard work paid off! Spiffy display you got there! :O

Lol, yeah..

It did in the end, just having to wait for those final grades... XD And thanks a bunch.

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